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Nepal, small though it may, has so much to offer the visitor that each day of your journey through this ancient land will be a discovery. It is an opportunity for you to take in the country’s remarkable natural Kaleidoscope, delve into its vast cultural repository, and delight in its equally extensive adventure offerings.

The Nepal Himalayans, containing as many as eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, is undoubtedly the country’s biggest allure. However, there is much more to Nepal than just Mt. Everest and its minions. Mighty rivers tumble down from the Himalaya offering world class rafting opportunities, and the flatlands of the Terai are dotted with jungle reserves that shelter some of Asia’s most exotic wildlife. Indeed, the breathtaking biotic diversity that can be found here has given the Kingdom a natural affluence matched by few places on this earth.

Equally breathtaking is Nepal’s cultural heritage. The Kathmandu valley with temples, shrines and other monuments packed into its nook and cranny, as well as its arts and crafts, architecture and the year round celebrations that mark numerous festivals, is the cultural hub of the nation. The practices and beliefs of the diverse communities living elsewhere in the Kingdom have added extra colour and flavour to Nepal’s vibrant culture.


Licensed Guides:
All the travel agencies of Kathmandu have licensed English speaking guides, however, many agencies have also guides who can speak other international languages for the convenience of tourists. As unlicensed guides are not allowed to serve clients, it is advisable to confirm that your guide has valid license. To have a quality service it is recommended to arrange the sightseeing programmes only through the government registered travel agencie.

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Lalman Trekking and expedition, Nepal, is a well-established trekking and mountaineering company operating various routes since its inception in 1992. After Sir Edmund Hillary's successful summit expedition to conquer Mt. Everest in 1953, the Nepal Himalayas have become the playground for Western Climbers. From small easy peaks to mountains over 8000m, we are capable of organizing expeditions to places of your choice. One of our Sherpas, a famous climber, has climbed to the top of Mt. Everest more than three times; this just goes to show our seriousness and level of competence in this field. For easy understanding of the term ‘mountaineering’ we have divided climbing and expeditions into two categories i.e. climbing (an adventure restricted to courses below 6500m) and expeditions (involving courses above 6500m all the way to the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest at 8848m). lalman Trekking and expedition offers our customers many fixed departures, allowing you to join groups involving other people.


The trekking peaks of Nepal offer a great potential for adventure and exploration and are less expensive than large-scale expeditions. For travelers who can stomach greater adventures, there are 18 minor peaks open for Alpine climbing. Lalman Trekking & Expedition provides you all the details, information and logistical support required for making climbing arrangements for making summit attempts on any of these peaks. Despite being below 6500m, these peaks offer a serious challenge often passing over rocky, icy and snowy terrain. The use of ropes and other mountaineering equipments are also necessary on these treks. It is strongly recommended that these treks can be attempted only by climbers with technical know how about snow and ice climbing, except for a few easy peaks such as Mera Peak (6476m). The climbing of these peaks is monitored by Nepal Mountaineering Association, and is subject to the rules and regulations formulated by this Association.


Different Other Activities that can be enjoyed in nepal. These Activities are famous and have their own cultural values and some of others are just for fun. These activities includes hiking, yoga, trek with yoga, jungle safari ,cultural dance and many others, which can be enjoyed when visiting nepal.

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