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Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet is a perfect way to explore Tibet and a wonderful experience of a lifetime that you can't get anywhere else on earth. For some trekkers, it is also a great challenge to trek at over 4000 meters above sea level in average. A hiking Tibet tour requires good fitness condition, well preparation and strong perseverance.

The trek to Mt. Tise or Mt. Kailash has remained the most pious religious journey for Buddhists as well as Bons, Hindus and Jains for thousands of years. It is a journey that comprises of the most scenic and unique landscape on the face of the earth. In Nepal, the mountain is called as Kailash and Tibetans and Chinese call it Mt. Tise. Trekkers and tourists have been allowed to cross Nepal-Tibet borders only since 1993 following the mutual agreement between China and Nepal. Humla is still a restricted area where only organized groups are allowed.

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Lhasa EBC Trek.

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet, the epicenter of rich Tibetan culture and lifestyles. 

Lhasa EBC Trekking is one of the interesting and classic trails to see the Mt. Everest from Tibet side. Which is near to Base Camp and you will have splendid panoramic view of Himalaya. Lhasa EBC Cultural Tour will offer you an opportunity to observe Tibetan Cultural, Art, Architecture in Lhasa. Tour to Lhasa start from Kathmandu enchants flight to Lhasa and gets back to Kathmandu within a short time frame.

Explore Lhasa

This four days tour takes you to the fascinating Lhasa, one of the highest cities in the world at an altitude of 3650m. The city contains many cultural significant sites including Potala palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera monastery and Typical Tibetan market of Barkhor Bazar. The excitement of being on the roof of the world, the awesome spiritual monastery, Buddhist culture and never ending fascinating site with so much to see is a perfect destination for unforgettable experience.

During your journey, you also cross several high passes and visit the beautiful Yamdrok Tso Lake. Visit to beautiful Tibetan monasteries like Sera, Drepung, Jokhang Temple, Khumbum Stupa, Phalkot, Tashilhunpho, Sakya and Rongbok are the other attractions of this tour.

Gyama Valley

The Gyama Valley is a broad agricultural tributary of the Kyi Chu River, located to the east of Lhasa. Barley fields sprawl across this valley floor, which is splendid with small villages, settlements and temples, including the shrine commemorating the birthplace of Emperor Song Tsen Gampo. It takes 4 days walk from Gyama to Samye and is one of the finest treks in central Tibet.

This 8 day trek takes you to the Gyama or Gama Valley which many have claimed is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the world. The valley leads up towards the base of Makalu and Everest from the east in a region that few tourists visit. The region is know how its orchids, azaleas and numerous wildflowers as well as forested slopes at the lower elevations. The high point on the trek is Shauwula Pass at 4900m.

Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Trek.

Following the footstep of devoted pilgrims to the far-west Tibetan plateau and trekking around the mystical Mount Kailash is pilgrimage destinations of Buddhism, Bon, Hindu and Jainism since from long time ago. Gangkar Ti-se is the Tibetan name for Mount Kailash and it is the prime focus of most travelers to western Tibet, with high of 6,714m, it is clearly distinguished from the surroundings by its perennial snow cover, it is But it no longer remains only a pilgrimage destination, but every year hundreds of adventurers gratify by its natural beauties and geographical rareness.

Lying just south of Mount Kailash at 4,557 m is one of the world’s highest lakes-Lake Mansarovar. For Hindus, the peak is the home of the god Shiva, while Buddhists compare the mountain with Mount Sumeru, the cosmic center of the universe. According to Hindu and Buddhist epics, the four great rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the Indus, Ganges, Sutlej and Brahmaputra actually arise from Lake Mansarovar.

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