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Trek Grade

One to five trekkers symbolize the level of difficulty of our treks. Well, we have graded the treks on account of following factors.

Easy: These are the trekking usually below the 3000 meters with 4-5 hours walking per day. So, people having any class of fitness will be able to join these trips either by footwear trainer or light trekking boots.

Moderate: These trips are not so hard. Usually, below 4000 meters with 6-7 hours walking per days. Any reasonably fit person should be able to manage these trips. This grade applies for 7-16 days walking.

Moderate + : These trips are not so hard either. The elevation comes below 5000 meters and the duration of these trips is 12-19 days. Any reasonably active person should be able to manage these trips.

Strenuous : We consider this level the hardest available trek in Nepal, but still these treks are in reach of most people. However, you must be very fit for this sort of trip. Those who suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or complicated medical conditions adversely affected by strenuous exercise may not participate. These trips are above 5000 meters and for the duration of 20 days and above.

Strenuous + Extremely demanding treks sometimes in very remote areas on rough terrain and perhaps including (in Nepal) one or more of the so-called "trekking peaks" - maximum altitude, Mt. Mera at 6,461m/21,192ft. Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of use of crampons and ice axes, though first time climbers may be accepted on some of the so-called "easy" routes on these peaks. Medical certificates are required prior to acceptance on any climbing treks. Whatever the grade, you can be sure that your trek will involve hard work. Most of the trails are used important through – fares for the local people but this does not prevent them from being rocky and steep in places.